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Dr. Jay Gerber and Gerber Ortho Studies offers comprehensive orthodontic, occlusion airway, craniocervical, and TMD training for general practitioner dentists and their staff members.

Dr. Gerber’s seminars are the most powerful I’ve taken in my MAGD career. You too can help more patients and solve more complex cases. The sooner you take SWOS courses, the greater the benefits to your patients and your business.
— Dr. Felix Liao, Author/Lecturer, Falls Church, VA

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Thank you Dr. Gerber for the great techniques of functional orthodontics in its wonderfully complete perspective of TMD and Occlusion. You have revolutionized my perspective and treatment abilities in my daily practice of general dentistry. Your impact cannot be overstated.
— Dr. Barron Hixon, Georgetown, OH

I am very proud of Dr. Gerber and his obvious commitment to improving our dental profession and, ultimately, the care of the patients we all treat. From his courses I have obtained the knowledge and skills to treat complex and comprehensive cases that involve orthodontic, neuromuscular dentistry and TMD patients. Since these patients end up in our practices every day, we should get ourselves prepared to treat them. Dr. Gerber and his wonderful facility enables he and his staff to enhance our profession and the care of our patients. It is an admirable and noble cause.
— Dr. John Sullivan

What a difference Dr. Gerber’s courses have made in the way that I practice dentistry. There is so much that I have learned from him that was not available to me through dental school. His training has allowed me to help kids and patients grow into more attractive, healthy and functional adults...what a difference he has made for me and the hundreds of others that he has helped along the way.
— Dr. Angela Tenholder, Millstadt, IL

I never appreciated Orthodontics due to the time involved in treatment of patients and the relapse of malocclusion. Attending and learning orthodontics through Dr. Gerber’s classes and mentorship has made orthodontics easy, and not rocket science. It helps in overall assessment of my patient’s health and treatment results are predictable and stable. Adding ortho treatment to my practice has given me more economic opportunities and has made practicing dentistry more exciting. Thanks to everyone at Straight Wire Orthodontic Studies!
— Dr. Yvonne DeMesa, Pleasanton, CA

Dr. Gerber I want to once again thank you for changing my life by changing what I see and what I can now confidently offer my guests. I am finishing up another full day of orthodontic care for my guests!! The results, the smiles and appreciation we see are life changing. It is also really fun!! Jay, thank you for helping me learn how to better treat my guests. Your courses are unlike many other CE courses that are offered. Every time I come back from Parkersburg I can immediately use the material. This has made my life better, more rewarding and my business more profitable. Many educators teach book knowledge. Some of those can teach how to do it, however very few can inspire like Dr Gerber. I am always impressed that he can back up anything he says with his own documented cases. This is truly impressive. Keep spreading the word of how lives can really be changed!!!!! Thanks again for making mine better!!!
— Gary R. Imm DDS , Westminister, MD
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Gerber ortho studies courses are certified by the academy of general dentistry and dental board of california.