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Comprehensive Orthodontics

Course Overview- Straight Wire & Functional Appliances

Dr. Gerber’s 3-session Comprehensive Orthodontic program is designed specifically for the general and pediatric dentist. He has perfected the instructional techniques over the years. Over 3,000 dentists have completed his program. Teaching techniques feature learning centers and are heavily ‘hands-on’ with over 30 typodont projects and ‘grand-rounds’ presentation style. The class is presented in an educational and clinical setting that enables participants to experience learning in a real environment. Doctors who complete this program are ready for most of the ortho cases they will see in their office.

Session 1 - January 11-13, 2019

In this first class participants will learn orthodontic diagnosis that enables you to treat early, to the finest facial esthetics and to normal TMJ function using the latest and most modern braces, functional appliances and clear aligners. Topics include: Straight Wire Brackets and SW simplified sliding mechanics; clear aligners; records and screening; early diagnosis including airway; treatment planning; NFO Gerber Arch Wire System; direct and indirect bracketing/bonding, sagittal and transverse arch development appliances; Sassouni Plus Cephalometrics; clinical techniques and home care instructions. You will learn to correct vertical and AP while developing the most beautiful faces and pleasing smiles. Case Presentation, treatment planning and fees will be covered. Numerous videos will be provided during the course.

Session 2 - February 22-24, 2019

In this session you will discover the uses and applications of fixed and removable Functional Appliances. Dr. Gerber’s instruction features brief slide and video presentations with numerous typodont projects on two typodonts which are provided during the class. Detailed project instructions and an appliance adjustment manual will be provided online prior to the course. Appliances to be covered during the course are the 3D Wilson Multi-Action Palatal, Mandibular Lingual Arch and Mandibular Quad. These appliances utilize a vertical lingual retention slot. Also NPE2, TransForce Sagittal Lingual Appliances. These appliances use horizontal retention tubes. Additional instruction on the adjustments and adaptations of the 3D vertical posts & lingual vertical tubes.

Session 3 - April 5-7, 2019

This course is primarily a hands-on typodont instructional program on the use of fixed lingual functional appliances. An extensive ‘hands-on’ typodont course features the use of two typodonts (one supplied). An Advanced Review of Straight Wire & Sliding Mechanics, modern bracketing appliances including the newest Self-ligating System, advanced arch wire construction, bends, elastics, helicals, opening and closing springs, Reverse Curved arch wires, loops & SW manipulations. All auxiliary applications will be completed by participants through extensive ‘hands-on’ typodont projects. Provided: all wires, auxiliary supplies, self-ligating typodont, digital course manual and instructions, notes and access to online videos.  

Andrea Shirey