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About US & Our Team

Dr. Jay Gerber and Gerber Ortho Studies offers comprehensive orthodontic, occlusion airway, craniocervical, and TMD training for general practitioner dentists and their staff members.

All of Our Classes and Courses include:

  • Extensive Hands-On Learning Programs
    • for doctors and team members
    • features extended and detailed hands-on sessions
    • most supplies are provided and are yours to keep
  • Multiple Typodont Lab Courses
    • All Project supplies are provided and are labeled and packaged individually
    • Loaner instruments are available but we encourage Doctors to purchase their own.
    • Mini-twin projects on typodonts
    • Self-Ligating typodont lab projects (SLB Typodont & supplies Provided)   
    • These projects are included in most courses, some as long as 3 days
  • Lecture Courses
    • Dr. Gerber has practiced, lectured and taught Orthodontics since 1984.
    • Our guest instructors also have extensive clinical and laboratory experience 
  • Clinical Observations for Orthodontics
    • because we have a fully functioning clinic this opportunity is available to doctors prior to or immediately after a participating class
  • Digital Notes/Downloads for Lab, Lecture, and Most PPT Presentations
    • Gerber Ortho Studies is one of the only dental CE programs offering this learning tool
    • Digital manual downloads are provided for attendees of nearly every SWOS course. They are provided for every extended program including the 2-session Gerber Pedo, 4-session Gerber Comprehensive and Advanced Gerber sessions.
    • Multi-session Comprehensive Gerber Pedo and Comprehensive Gerber Ortho classes participants will receive digital patient forms for examination, records, extensive forms for office management, insurance information, research and much more. Call to inquire about this extensive list.
  • Comprehensive Digital Ortho Course Manuals
    • Additionally, your digital downloads include a comprehensive study manual that is a textbook and study guide 
    • It is only provided to participants in the Comprehensive Gerber Ortho and Gerber Pedo extended sessions.
  • The Center for Occlusal Studies
    • Our teaching and educational center provides an ideal setting for learning
    • The Center has two classrooms and a clinic all in one location
    • Features comfortable chairs, WI-FI, and a 10-foot screen
    • Professionally catered lunches, continental breakfast, & healthy snacks
    • Modern Lodging and restaurants nearby  
  • Interactive Study Forum
    • 24/7 online study forum available to participants
    • Dr. Gerber reviews your posted cases
    • Have all your case questions answered
  • Online Videos
    • Access to an extensive library of educational videos
    • Laboratory, Lecture and most are free
  • Continuing Education
    • All courses recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry 
    • Gerber Ortho Studies is a recognized provider by the California Dental Board
    • Most dental boards recognize AGD of CE credits
    • The American Orthodontic Society recognizes Gerber Ortho Studies and Dr. Gerber is a Senior Instructor of the organization
    • The International Association for Orthodontics recognizes Gerber Ortho Studies and Dr. Gerber is a Certified Senior Instructor of the organization
Advisement Statement:

Doctors/staff personnel are strongly cautioned when incorporating new techniques and procedures into their practice - especially when a session may have provided the participant with limited knowledge. Continued long-term attendance in learning programs, hands-on typodont projects, in-office clinical observations and study group participation are highly recommended to help attain competence.



Founder and educational director

Dr. Jay Gerber

Dr. Jay Gerber.png

For over thirty years Dr. Jay Gerber has created and systematically updated his extensive orthodontic learning program exclusively for the general practitioner. His primary educational goals are for the doctor to learn how to provide treatment that results in a beautiful smile, a sound and lasting vertical dimension and long-term stability of the TMJs. His courses teach how to diagnosis and provide treatment of Upper Airway dysfunctions through a multi-disciplinary approach.

To further his vision, Dr. Gerber constructed a professional, state-of-the-art facility focused on the instruction and treatment of occlusal disorders. His world class center provides a venue where doctors and their teams can come to learn from some of the world's finest and most knowledgeable clinicians. Doctors worldwide have attended courses here. 

The concepts and implementation of Dr. Gerber's curriculum allow any participant to choose a course of study that best suits his or her practice. The Center hosts numerous accredited continuing education classes throughout the year and provides the ultimate in modern treatment of patients suffering from the effects of occlusal instabilities. Dr. Gerber's Center is the educational and treatment facility of professional choice.

Dr. Gerber is the curriculum and clinical director of The Center, the Director of NM Orthodontic at LVI Global and he is a certified Senior Instructor of the IAO. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry and holds a fellowship in the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and is board certified by the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Gerber has maintained hospital staff and faculty appointments and is in great demand as an international speaker

Dr. Gerber holds numerous professional positions and is on the editorial boards of two prestigious national and international dental journals. He has authored many scientific articles and has contributed to several textbooks. His personal presentations have included those at distinguished universities, to numerous conferences and to international and state associations. During these hundreds of personal presentations, he has shared his expertise with thousands of professionals in the USA and abroad.

His clinical and laboratory experience have allowed him to develop several oral appliances used in the treatment of orofacial pain, orthodontics and occlusal disorders. He has improved techniques in the application of bioelectrical instrumentation for the diagnosis and treatment of TMD and occlusal disorders. He has published much of the material he presents and is recognized as an excellent teacher. Dr. Gerber has contributed scientific research and has served as a special consultant to manufacturers, dental product distributors and laboratories.

Dr. Richard Beistle.jpg


Richard T. Beistle, D.D.S.

Dr. Beistle a University of Michigan Dental School graduate is a long time orthodontic educator. In 1974 he met and became a disciple of the late Dr. Hy Pleasant of California.  Subsequently, he incorporated many of the ideas of Dr. John Witzig and Dr. Merle Bean into his developing functional orthodontic philosophy.  Dr. Beistle is one of the original innovators of Sassouni Plus Cephalometric Diagnostic system. He is credited with numerous publications on cephalometrics and has been teaching seminars since 1983. A passionate teacher, Dr. Beistle has been instructing classes on diagnosis for over 25 years with Orthodontic Studies and has presented at many conferences and symposiums. Dr. Bristle is the 2004 recipient of the Dr. C.R. Gerber, Jr.  Excellence in Dentistry Award.


Mariano Rocobado (Faculty).jpg


Mariano Rocabado, DPT

Dr. Rocabado is a world renowned lecturer, author and innovator on Craniocervical and Craniomandibular Pathophysiology Approach to Treatment. In addition he has produced numerous videos on instruction for these techniques, written and co-authored numerous scientific articles on Physical Therapy and TMD treatment. Prof. Rocabado is the Director of the doctorate program in Physical Therapy at the University Andres Bellow in Santiago, Chile. He earned his doctorate in physical therapy, specializing in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, from the University San Augustin, FL.  He is the Past-President of the Academy of Craneomandibulares Disorders of Chile, Prof. Rocabado is an honorary member of the Society of Ortodoncia of Chile and the Brazilian Academy of Fisiopatologia Orocervical. He was presented with an Honorary Diplomate by the AACP.